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The worlds biggest resource for people with a fear of flying is getting even bigger.

We are  getting more and more people joining the social network and more and more people seem to be successful in taking their flights.

Recently there has been extra demand for me on the telephone…but I’m happy to chat through peoples’  worries if they’re about to go on a flight or if they are worried about  booking a flight. Although it doesn’t make us very profitable I think we can boast as being in business to help people and not being  in it for the money.  We run  a Fear of Flying course on the last SATURDAY  of each month so if you’re wondering whether to or not….face the fear and overcome it.

The sooner you do the course the longer you will spend as a normal flyer rather than a fearful one.  Remember the best time to overcome your fear was yesterday the next best time is today.

Captain Keith

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