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NEW Flying Without Fear Books

“We’ll get you flying that’s our promise.”

I hope you like the look of our three companion volumes of Flying without Fear. Each book covers a different aspect of the fear of flying and collectively they will give you all the information that you’ve been looking for. The texts are simple to read and  deal  with only the things that are important to you as a fearful flyer.

Flying withoutFear Volume 1





My first book covers the facts about flying in a question and answer format.Before this revision the book has sold over 12,000 copies and is the most popular book in the world for overcoming a fear of flying.  Easy to read, simple to understand this book is written for you. And answers questions that have been put to me by fearful flyers.








Dr Alison Smith’s book deals with your questions that come under the heading of Psychology. Her style is direct and to the point and wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter. There are useful exercises included to help you assess your fear and to build your  self confidence. Dr Smith is the psychologist who works with the qantas Fear of Flying program.










Volume three takes you through the process of getting a plane working on some strategies and gives you all the support you’ll need on this ‘journey’ to overcome your fear of flying. There are hints and tips from many fearful flyers who have learnt to deal with their fears and  now actually make flights and have holidays that were previously only dreams.





You can now buy all three Volumes for just £10.00 plus p & p >


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