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Don’t delay…the sooner the better.

This year we’ve run a course each month. And each month we get  messages on the social network or via Email from people

Fear of Flying Course

The best course in the UK

who are about to take a flight and are on the verge of cancelling it or sufferring terrible bouts of anxiety as the day draws closer

..but they’ve left it too late to attend the course.

So I’m on a campaign to encourage ANY anxious flyer to get on and book our course. There’s absolutely no point in waiting. The effects of the course won’t wear off over time…in fact time will give you time, more time, to put into practice all the things we suggest on the course. Now the problem or part of the problem, as I see it, is that the courses offered by the two airlines in the UK  involve a  graduation flight and I suppose that because of their brand power they are seen as the standard to  go by.

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THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRUTH is that it  is not necessary to ‘succeed’ on a graduation flight. You don’t need to prove anything there and then…it’s when you’re alone at the airport facing your friends or loved ones that you need to know what to do…and of course while you’re away on holiday you’ll need to know how to fight off the demons worrying you about the flight home.

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So my advice is that even if you’tre not flying until next summer get our course under your belt and realise that when the time of the flight comes you’ll have hads so much practice dealing with your fears that you’ll be confident to fly.

For some people  a cure appears suddenly, but for most people it takes time and effort, let’s get started as soon as possible.

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Captain Keith


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