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Fear of Flying Course

Despite the size and brand influence of the airlines who run courses we’re pleased to say that we’re the only company with our own facility, designed and dedicated to helping people to overcome a fear of flying.

The  ground courses  are available every month,

…and we know that our course really is the best way to address your fear of flying. Getting on a flight, in a group after exposure to limited information, under supervision is not the only way to overcome your fear of flying…in fact it’s a very short term fix. Remember we’ll give you a money back guarantee, because your needs are more important than ours.

On our ground course we will give you guidance on how to deal with set backs, how to develop your personal strategy and most importantly we will deal with your questions and queries on a personal basis. We’ll take you ‘flying’ stage by stage with you in charge but with our support. We carry a maximum of FOUR ‘passengers’ and we have a ‘crew’ of TWO.

No company, however big the brand name can match that. This year our plan is to become the UK’s biggest and best provider of courses to overcome your fear of flying. Make 2012 the year you changed your life.

  1. Money back guarantee
  2. Free supporter
  3. Free additional course


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