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Fear of Flying. Facts about flying.

We just had a message posted on the Forum asking about something called ‘shake stick’…an expression that worried the

Facts about Flying


…she thought it was some thing awful that could happen to an aircraft.

..In fact it’s a safety device that’s a normal part of any airliner. Far from causing fear this knowledge should have been a positive thing. Unfortunately the words ‘shake stick’ were incorrect…the correct words are ‘stick shaker’.
It’s very very common for anxious people to misinterpret facts, that’s why on our forum you have the chance to ask a pilot any question you can think of about flying.
Why not have a look at some of the facts about flying  available on the web site…there’s no other website that offers you so much good quality information about planes  and aviation in general.
The very BEST website for accurate helpful and readable support for fearful flyers >


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