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Fear of flying. Security breach.

A number of people have asked me about the item in the news where an Airline Pilot has been dismissed for allowing a football player on to the flight deck to help deal with his fear of flying.

We live in a world where every rule is stretched to its limit, and then, when broken a case is put forward to allow the rule to be extended yet again.

But on this occasion I can not see how this rule should be changed. The Captain of an aircraft is charged with the responsibility for the safety of his crew and passengers and changing the rules on the spot for anything other than the immediate safety of the plane and its occupants can not be acceptable.
The case is forwarded that this man is a character and life would be dull without his like….this matter is not a question of being a character it is a question of having strength of character…to do what is laid down regardless of personal preference. That is the sort of character that is required to fly in the political climate of 2007 . The rules are not different for war veterans.
Finally I am disappointed that a member of my own profession has let down the countless people that I have told can trust that airline pilots not to break the rules when they are flying. And this guy has a course to help people overcome their fear of flying.
Captain Keith Godfrey


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