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The fear of flying. The facts.

Be serious about your Fear

There seem to be more and more advertisement on the web for ‘life style’ and other quick ways to overcome the fear of flying.

Many  suggest a new way of looking at our lives and ourselves.

They say that if we do what they say, not only can we overcome our fear of flying we can stop smoking, become the boss, get new friends, gain confidence and even become rich and famous.
A ‘one hat fits all’ solution only works when everyone’s head is the same size. In reality there is no way that a ‘sheep dip’ cure that purports to work for a hundred people at a time will  last much longer than a few weeks.  There is no miracle cure  to overcome the fear of flying.

It’s true that some people do it more quickly than others but that’s not comparing like with like. Some people’s fears are deep rooted, some the result of a small mis understanding, but what ever the cause thinking positively isn’t likely to change things much. You need to actively do something differntly from what you have been doing.

Remember  “If you always do what you always did…you’ll always get what you always got”

Without doubt the lasting way to overcome a fear of flying is to;

1  Accept your fear
2  Find and face the facts about what you fear
3  Restructure your thoughts about your fear
4 Gradually expose yourself to your fear
5  Accept the responsibility for overcoming your fear

The useful, relevant and  correctly described  facts are available here >


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