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Fear of Flying. Could the plane be too heavy?

Fear of Flying

Your plane's weight is calculated to the nearest Kilo.

So many people who have a fear of flying wonder if their plane might be too heavy to take off .

This is a perfectly normal thought, especially when you’ve stood in a long line of people waiting to check in who all seem to have enormous bags.

The fact is that every bag is weighed, every person is given an average weight… (and, yes, it is adjusted for Sumo wrestlers or Ballerinas) … and then the total weight of baggage, people, fuel, catering and cargo is added to the plane’s weight for the take off weight…and this has to be less than the weight allowed for that plane on the runway it uses. And this takes into accounr the runways conditions at the time. That’s the traffic dispatcher responsibility…and he or she reports and presents the pre take off paerwork and calculations to the Captain just before deparrture. Then as long as the plane is balanced within its limits the Captain will confirm that everything is correct. Only then can he/she accept the aircraft for flight

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