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Fear of flying. Turbo props and small planes.

Some people don’t mind mind flying in prop jets…me for instance

Prop plane jet plane or both?

… but for some fearful flyers the thought of travelling in a small plane or one with turbo propeller engines fills them with horror.

A turbo prop engine combines the advantages of a jet engine and a propeller driven aircraft. The jet engine for reliability and the propeller for efficiency at lower altitudes.

Modern propellers are very advanced pieces of engineering development…I’m always amazed when I see a new propeller type…a far cry from the wooden one on my Tiger Moth that I learnt to fly on. The propleer in fact works in the same way that a wing works but it’s easier to understand if you think of it as being an enormous screw that’s turning and cutting its way into and through the air.

A small aircraft is not more prone to bumping around than a big one…although it often feels like it. Remember these facts when you fly in one and make your flight less anxious.

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