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Fear of flying. The unsung contributors to flight safety.

When we think of flight safety we tend to think of pilots or Air Traffic Controllers.

Safety is everyone's priority

But as any visitor to this site will know there are thousands of people who actually make commercial flying so safe.

From the designers, engineers who build the planes up to the pilot who gets the praise.
The jobs that the  people involved in this in this picture involves  more than just driving around attending to aircraft …they check the lights on the taxiways and runways, they look for anything on the ground that shouldn’t be there and quite often they’re busy making sure that birds near the airport don’t like being there! And when they’re  not doing that they’ll have plenty of other things to check like radio transmissions from the landing guidance, security fences and a thousand other jobs I don’t even know about.
When you get anxious about flying, try to remember all the people who are there making it the safest form of transport available.

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