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Fear of flying. Overcoming a fear of flying.

Holiday snap

some people do it for fun!

“I’ve just returned from a holiday in Corfu, which I nearly cancelled due to fear of flying.

By chance, I stumbled on this website two days before my departure and was so grateful that I did.

Almost instantly I was reassured. …When I boarded my recent flight, with my 9 year old twins and my partner, I was calm and relaxed. I kept going over all the dialogue from the video clips  and reassuring myself that all the ‘bing-bong’ noises and dips in the air conditioning system were perfectly normal. That irrational fear was replaced by a better understanding of flight. ..For the first time, I didn’t need to grip the armrests – instead I sat back and relaxed (something I’ve never previously been able to do) I had a great holiday and did not dread stepping back on the plane to return home.

My sincere thanks Keith, and your wonderful team. Your website has made such a difference.

It has already been recommended to my sister and some of my nervous friends.”


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