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Fear of flying. Defying the laws of gravity?

The fascination of aeroplanes is such that enthusiasts around the world will sit for hours watching planes come and go The love of flyingwhile listening in to the chatter between pilots and controllers on their radios.

At Manchester there’s a pub …or used to be , where revellers and enthusiasts could be as close as 50 metres from the planes waiting to take off.

I often opened my DVD window to give them a wave… and was always repaid with a flurry of waving arms. To those enthusiasts and to me flying is normal, it’s not a miracle or magic. Aircraft fly, not despite gravity, but because of it and because of all the other laws of physics and mathematics.
And so hanging on to the arm rests during the flight doesn’t actually help the plane to fly… even though to someone with a fear of flying it may seem to.
Here’s some information about flying a plane


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