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Fear of Flying. Training standards

The world of aviation has always been at the leading edge of training and technology.

Fear of flying ...Training pilots


Here we can see a young lady training for her Instrument and Multi- engine Ratings.

And now it’s good to see that women are taking leading roles in training and development in all aspects of airline flying.  I have flown with many female co-pilots and their enthusiasm and committment shines through…
So if you hear that it’s a lady captain and a lady co-pilot why should you feel any different from when it’s a stereotypical man flying your plane ?

Pilots train for nearly 2 years before achieiving the standard required to fly as a crew member. But that’s just the start…before they can actually fly a passenger plane there are more weeks of study and skills tests. For the rest of a pilot’s career, there will be statutory tests every six months and more if there’s a change of plane involved. Your pilot is better trained, examined and tested than your Doctor or Lawyer.

Here’s just one of the things they are tested on.  A Go Around >




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