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A bit of anxiety about flying… even for me.

This weekend I flew over to Guernsey to see my grandchildren

No expense spared when I travel...

…and got another insight into why airlines, airport and delays cause so much concern.

First of all we rushed by taxi to the airport only to find the flight had been cancelled for no particular reason…just ‘technical’ We had to wait four hours until the next flight. Later the pilot could easily have said ” …what we mean by technical delay is not like you think…the plane doesn’t have a problem…technical delay is airline speak for not enough staff or aircraft…so please relax the plane is fine and we’ll be on our way in a couple of minutes.”

Now if I can get very slightly upset and anxious about a four hour delay and I’ve spent a whole career in flying, what on earth is it like for you?
The fear of flying really ought to be taken more seriously by airlines don’t you think?

Captain Keith

Check out the video help on this page, about ‘technical delays’




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