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The fear of flying. Free (Worth £24.99) Gift with book!

 In conjunction with an Australian psychologist I am in the process of preparing a new book on the fear of flying.

We are following the style of my book Flying without Fear in making it a predominantly question and answer format.

The reason is that Flying without Fear has been the Amazon’s best seller in the genre for several years now and the style is obviously useful to its readers.
The hard part for us is in finding the right questions…which is maybe where you can help us. So if you have time and would like to help us would you please send your questions to me…and the simpler and more ordinary they are then the better they will be for us…and the book’s readers.
Thank you. Keith
Note added April 2012…it was combined into one book calle d   FLY WITHOUT FEAR   and is already available in 3 languages.

At the time of writing you get the 4CD Set FREE  of charge with this purchase>


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