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Thoughts on the fear of flying Conference

2007 Hi everyone,

International Civil Aviation Organisation


Now that I’ve been back for a few days I can reflect more clearly on the World Fear of Flying Conference.

The value of meeting other therapists and helpers certainly puts the matter of help into a new dimension.

It seems the greatest hurdle to helping is the general reluctance of evryone to acknowledge the extent of the fear of flying. The suggested proposal to ICAO will go some way towards getting airlines and airports to help fearful passengers.

As a group there was a committment to develop a network of help and co-operation between therapists, doctors, pilots and others who help with the fear of flying. For those present there was an agreement to help each other rather than to be isolationist in what help is given. This should improve the quality of help with regard to cross discilpline help.

It is highly likely that there will be another conference in 2009 or 2010 when I hope there will be more people in attendance who are suffering from or have recovered from a fear of flying.

So I hope some of you will think about attending and making your experiences known.


Note added April 2012. The realities of life are that not a great deal of progress was made after this  conference…there was a proposal that for people  giving advice, there should be a minimum standard of knowledge and skill. However there has been a proliferation of internet sites that purport to give help but that just act as  an opportunity to make money by advertising sites like and providing a superficial package of help with generalities and platitudes. Sadly for anyone with a fear of flying these sites are just a distraction.


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