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New Fear of Flying Courses


This week we have been told that our DVD  has been bought by an Indonesian company who are going to distribute it in their region.

Fear of Flying Course

The best course in the UK

But there have been more developments this week.

Firstly the fear of flying information seminar will be held in the BAC 1-11 aircraft cabin located on the Alton Basingstoke road and we are preparing it and painting it ready to go into service.

Equipped with sound and video it will provide an amazing experience for people with a fear of flying.

Secondly today I have been approached by a company who want to market and provide our fear of flying course in a flight simulator. It will take a few weeks to organise but it will be a brand new course based on the course I developed for another company. It will probably be a six hour course with an hour or so in aN a320simulator. We will market the course jointly but it will be a flying without fear. com product.

This means that we shall be the only company in the UK , offering everything from an inflight guide book to a seminar with a flight included. I hope you’ll help us to spread the word so we can continue to help people around the world enjoy flying.



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