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Fear of flying course venue.


Your fear of flying course takes place here.

Fear of flying course venue

Hi Everyone.

This week I’ve been cleaning and preparing the cabin and flight deck of the plane I shall be using for my fear of flying courses.

While I was busily cleaning the instruments and controls in the cockpit it suddenly struck me how advanced the safety features on a modern aircraft are.

The countless instruments in the old generation aircraft have now been replaced by half a dozen computer screens with all the information needed to both fly, manage and navigate the aircraft. As I cleaned the grime from one of the control panels I noticed at least eight switches and their indicators that now are fully integrated into the aircraft systems….all now controlled automatically. The pressurisation system that once would have caused your ears to feel funny and that would have needed the pilot to adjust and monitor through out the flight is now fully automatic.
The dials gauges and switches that were once scattered all around the cockpit are now all presented and operated from just a few buttons all within reach of the pilots.
And this aircraft was twenty years ahead of the first airliner I ever flew.
What’s the point of this blog? Just a sudden realisation of how far technology has brought us and how much safer aircraft are from the previous generation.
Amazing what thoughts come from using modern kitchen cleaners and a few rags while having fun cleaning an old aeroplane.

I hope to see you on one of the fear of flying courses soon>


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