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Day two at the World Conference


International Civil Aviation Organisation


I met a whole bunch of great guys today.

I’ve fixed a link with Glenda down in Australia to look after Phoebe when she gets down there.

Two ladies from Portugal are going to translate my book. A guy called L is giving me a few ideas about helping fearful travellers.

I was talking to a reporter from the Ottowa Citizen newspaper about the fear of flying for an article and it turned out that she has a fear of flying so when Janice joins us on the forum let’s give her a warm welcome.

Everyone here represent people who actually want to help people to deal with their fear of flying. There are definately some good facilities/providers who couldn’t make it here but it’s good to see all these premier providers making the effort to structure and facilitate help for nervous flyers.

So I’m going to back all the guys here with advertisements on our fear of flying help site and steer the many people around the world who contact us for help to them in the future. Its a great way of connecting people!  ( April 2012  sadly there wasn’t enough support to keep this going , but we did have all the participants at the conference listed on our site after the conference)

Icao (an international UN aviation body) are giving their full backing to the conference so maybe the airlines who currently ignore anxious passengers will take notice at last of all the people who have a fear of flying. I think they could increase their revenues by taking all those people on board, literally and metaphorically.

Any one with a fear of flying will eventually benefit from what’s happening here in Montreal which is great news indeed.




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