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Act now…don’t wait!

June 2007

This week has been very busy with many people contacting me needing help urgently because of flights coming up very soon.

Naturally this puts enormous pressure on anyone with a fear of flying.

So if you are anxious about flying please don’t leave things until the last possible moment to seek help. You may feel that it gives you more time to worry…which may be true…but more importantly it gives you more time to find a strategy to deal with your worries. Right now there are a couple of people on the forum fighting off their demons and though it isn’t easy for them they at least have the chance to support each other during the run up to their flights.
So if you’re an anxious flyer…act now. We’re here to help.
(Note Added April 2012…and nothing has changed …most people are still waiting until the last moment before addressing their fear of flying. It’s much better to spend a longer period as a ‘ fearless flyer’ before you go on a flight, than try to get a quick fix the day before.)
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