I just wanted to say thank you to Captain Godfrey and the podcast that was released a few years ago. I had to fly to Mexico for a wedding last week. I live in Wisconsin in the US. I NEVER fly. I have flown once from Illinois to Texas and back. I hated it the whole way. I suffer from generalized anxiety and panic disorder as it is. Add flying to that and I become a big blubbering mess. I knew I had to go on this trip to Mexico because I really wanted to celebrate the wedding of my good friends and I also wanted to get somewhere warm! I was petrified however. I started looking at websites as I had before my trip to Texas. I came across this website and your podcast. While it did not completely cure me, the podcasts did help me on my trip. I did also take some diazepam which I know the Captain is not a fan of but I think it does slightly take the edge off but not much. I am still extremely afraid to fly. My biggest worries are the height, not being able to get off the plane, terrorism, and the plane just plummeting in midair (which I know logically cannot really happen). I still have these fears but it helped to hear from an actual pilot and know what goes on in the cockpit and know what is going on when you takeoff (my least favorite part). I don’t think I will ever be cured of this but I just wanted to say thanks because Captain Godfrey’s voice was like a calming friend in my head during the most nerve-racking parts of the trip. So thank you for what you do. Hopefully I will someday make it to the UK, which is a dream….we shall see.

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