Hi everyone

People with a fear of flying often start their converstaions with me by saying that they are anxious about, turbulence, loss of control, engines stopping or whatever…so our new home page will take you straight to the things that cause you most anxiety. If you’re anxious about turbulence, then just click on the picture that says turbulence and you’ll go straight to a page that’ll give you some information and some tips about turbulence.

If you’re worried about the engines stopping, click the picture and you’ll get help and re-assurance straight away.

We’ve redesigned the home page so that you can go to the help YOU need in one click.

And very soon we’ll have a brand new feature on the site that will really bring a new dimension to the site and be a very very effective resource for anyone who has a fear of flying. We look forward to seeing you ‘on board’.


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