Hi everyone,

At last I’m able to report some more progress on our Sights and Sounds Seminar. We have now taken ‘ownership’ of the aircraft where we run the seminars.

Now that have a permanent facility we shall be able us to run courses more frequently than we have in the past. We shall equip the cabin and cockpit even more comprehensively than previously so that the experience will not only help you to overcome your fear of flying but will be enjoyable too.

We’re proud to say that this is now the only permanent venue for fear of flying courses available in the UK. and offers you an effective long term strategy for overcoming your fear of flying.

And remember that once you’ve attended the course you’ll be free to come along for a free top up anytime you need to.

For more information about the course please ring me on 01420 588 628

Your fear of flying can soon be a thing of the past.

Captain Keith

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