Here’s Steve and his family on their trip to Orlando. With help from everyone on the forum Steve took the plunge and overcame his fear of flying and like many others has posted his story on the forum…which is a story well worth reading.
“The staff on the flight were absolutly superb though, very professional and cool, if I had been really nervous they would have been the sort of people I would have wanted around me…and before we knew it we were landing. Im sorry to say I have nothing to report about the landing..I didnt even know the wheels had hit the ground..(probably due to the large cushion of air under the wings that I read about on here somewhere) I thanked the stewardesses for the flight and commented on their professionlism (‘all in a days work’ one said) and off we got. In summary…I cant say whether I would or wouldnt have done the flight without the fantastic help from this site…but it really did help me to understand so much about what I never knew before…thus making the whole experience a pleasurable one…remember, ‘knowledge is power’ and knowledge will allow you to have the power to control your feelings. So, many many thanks to Keith and the team and everyone else who took time out to post on the forums…”
Our pleasure….Keith and the team

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