Dear Captain keith,
The site you can trust

The site you can trust

A few weeks ago I joined your site because I was flying to New York, and like all my flights I was having tremendous anxiety.
I always get on the plane but I would cry and scream if a little bit of turbulence hit us. I watched your video about turbulence and listened to your audio book almost the whole way there and home again. Man oh man was it helpful. I just kept listening to the chapters that break down what turbulence is and how the plain is built to fly through. I then repeated to myself over and over again, ” Yes its uncomfortable but it’s not dangerous!” All though I still have not figured out how to get my heart from pounding out of my chest and I do have to take some sort of anxiety medication to help calm me, I now think that as long as I listen to your book for my next few flights I have the support I need to slowly get my heart to slow down. Thank you from the bottom of my over active heart. Aimee G.

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