Here are some recent messages we’ve seen on the forum, not from people who had just a fear of flying but people who were so petrified and so terrified of flying and were convinced that they would never ever fly.

“Once again you are the first to know my amazing achievement. I flew home last night from Nashville!!!! I was more nervous coming back which I think was because the flight was late in the day and I was getting tired. I don’t think it has all sunk in yet, I never thought I would see the USA but I have. It has taken two years of training but it is worth it. Love J”

“I’m VERY happy to be home. I woke up this morning with a massive smile and stretched out in my bed enjoying the relaxed feeling for the first time in a week. Bliss! I’m appreciating everything at the moment, hugging and kissing my family – even my spotty 14 year old Brother, who reeled back in horror when he saw me coming at him all puckered up!” From F.

And here’s a message from a lady just back from Australia.

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everybody on the forum but especially to Keith. Your book, DVD and podcasts have been my lifeline these last few months. I’ve actually really enjoying learning about aircraft,
My first thank you (and I am sure you will all understand why) is to Keith, for caring enough about people like us to start this forum. Without the forum, yours Keith and my friends (you all know who you are) support right from the beginning, I could never have made this journey and what a journey it has been…………for all your kindness, support, encouragement, advice and friendship, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It all started 19 months ago” P.

When this lady joined the forum to say that her daughter was emigrating to Australia and that she felt as if she would never see them unless they came home to visit her. Through thick and thin she stuck with it and after a couple of short flights eventually took the plunge and took a flight to Australia. Not at all easy for her but with 24/7 help from the forum she did it. Where else can you get continuous help for 19 months? That’s why we think it’s the best site available anywhere.

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