A brand new fear of flying Simulator course is now available in the UK. In conjunction with CTC Aviation these courses are now available on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 12 noon and running until 5 o’clock.
Course price is £799.00 plus VAT. This is HALF the price of our competitors. How can we do it for this price? Because we own the Simulators. You’ll get up to two hours in the flight simulator which means that you’ll get at least an hour and a half in the air and lots of time to settle in and feel comfortable. NO rushing to jump out to let another customer in…we own the equipment.
And we have our own catering facility and choice of meeting rooms. A dedicated facility to give you the best opportunity to overcome your fear of flying.
With the latest visual images, our simulators can fly you from your local airport over your home, your workplace or where you used top go to school…and if you want to we’ll let you to take off and fly around and help you to program an automatic landing.
If you’re interested in coming give me a ring on 01420 588 628 or 259
Fly with the experts.

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