While we won’t be able to offer you the service and comfort shown in the picture but on our new Seminar we’re going to offer you one of the best experiences you can have if you have a fear of flying.One of the most effective therapies in overcoming a fear of flying is called graded exposure…getting used to the things that scare you. We have secured the use of an aircraft cabin which includes the cockpit and the first 10 rows of seats. It can’t fly because it doesn’t have wings…it won’t move because it doesn’t have engines…but it’s a fantastic environment in which to learn how to deal with your fear of flying. The seminar will as its name suggests will be a sight and sound experience. We will take you through a flight from boarding to disembarkation without moving or leaving the ground in as realistic but friendly environment as it’s possible to find.
Why will it work? Because you will be able to face your fear in a secure and friendly environment, you’ll be able to share your feelings and experiences with people who have the same feelings you have, and there will be expert guidance to explain everything that’s going on. We’ll give you the sounds of start up taxiing taking off and everything all the way to a landing…we might even have to make a landing for ‘technical reasons’. Our videos will show you whats going on around the plane on the ground and in the cockpit…you’ll be able to listen in to Air Traffic Control instructions if you want to.
As you unlock your feelings of fear we’ll be there to re-assure you and give you support. We’ll help you to develop a lasting strategy to deal with your fear. This experience is the perfect first step in overcoming your fear, later you might want to come on our simulator flight or our course that includes a flight…or maybe this is the only step you’ll need.

Keith, Turi and the team at Flying without Fear

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