The most popular and helpful feature of our web site is the help forum. If you have a fear of flying then this is the best help resource available anywhere in the world. There are now over 5000 messages of help and support and new members join each week. Members who have found a way to deal with their fear of flying help others by telling their stories and by passing on hints tips and encouragement to those still anxious about flying. The success of the forum comes from the honesty and genuine interest that members have in helping each other with their fear of flying. The forum is not a chat room flooded with idle comments, and gossip, it is a well organised help resource with many fearful flyers making regular contributions. If you are suffering from a fear of flying and want informed, friendly and useful support then please take a look. On the support forums you can post your story, your postcards or your own hints and tips. It’s free, of course. We look forward to meeting you on the forum soon.
Keith and the team.

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