Flying is the biggest help resource available on the web. For those with a fear of flying it is the perfect place to get the information and help that you need to overcome your fear of flying.

As this picture (taken from our new home page) shows we have hours of free video help available to you. We have a number of free audios that will help you to become familiar with aircraft and flying. Have a look at our unique visual help page. You can get our free podcasts to download to your Mp3 player. There are over 200 pages of help for you. There is an assesment page where you can find out about your fear of flying. We have hints and tips top help you before after and during your flight. There is a comprehensive dictionary on the site. You do not need to go anywhere else to get help with your fear of flying but if you want to there’s a map feature showing you where your nearest help facility is…anywhere in the world. Soon our calender of events will be able show you the times and locations of courses throughout the world. the biggest help resource in the world .

Keith and the team

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