Some years ago I met the actor Jasper Britton who came on a Simulator fear of flying course…a little later I met a lady who said that an Audio CD would be a great help to anyone who had a fear of flying…as long as I included the sounds of things that you can hear in a plane. The two meetings resulted in our Listen & Go…flying withoutFear CD set.
I wrote a script which Jasper very kindly offered to narrate. His reassuring voice and ‘inside’ knowledge of a fear of flying has resulted in a very ‘listenable to’ set of CD’s that run for nearly four hours. We have two track of very relaxing music that British Airways used on their flight entertainment channels. You can hear extracts on the web site.
Having the ‘ sounds’ of flying available when you are relaxed sitting in an armchair or while you’re in your car is a perfect way of becoming acclimatised to them. One of the ways to overcome a fear of flying is by this graded exposure technique. They are very good value compared to many of the help products that are available to anxious flyers. Why not check out the extracts and testimonials now?
Keith and the team

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