From the Fear of Flying Forum…

“Just had the DvD, great and definatly worth buying, if you have a fear of flying. Quite funny really how the first question by the group was about the maintainance of of my main fears. I’m 90% there now (which means I’ll be going)..anything less than 75% and I would have stayed at home.
In fact Im looking foward to the flight more so than other times we have flown, i’m looking forward to hearing all the noises that I have heard before but didnt know what they were, and that ‘sinking feeling’ I really thought that was just me… and I have literally had nightmares on those lines over the years…the planes engines straining and the plane losing height…horrible dreams.
But now Im looking forward to experiencing it because I know what it is. I’m even looking forward to seeing the lights flash on and off when they disconect the plane from the tow.
The DvD explained a lot to me on technical issues, having said they and flying itself have never been my main worry. The the thing I took most from the DvD was how natural it all was, from Keith’s explanations to the ‘feel’ of the seminar itself. Almost ‘matter of fact’ but not in a condescending way. The thing that stands out above all though is… how the whole film… everything, its production and script has a very personal touch.
If you do buy it, and I strongly recommend you do, you will hopefully notice how it doesn’t have a ‘there’s a market here, so let’s milk nervous flyers for a fast buck’ corporate feel about it. They will get the feeling that, along with this site, there are actually people out there who care about your fears and genuinely want to help you.”
Posted here by Keith.

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