We’ll get you flying that’s out promise. All the information on this site has been used by thousands of fearful flyers to overcome their fear and go flying with less fear.

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So you’re not too anxious about flying but want to find out more about overcoming your fear Economy Membership is a good start. It’ll provide you with lots of help you to understand your fear and what goes on to make  commercial aviation so safe.

You’ll get guidance and information on things like Turbulence, why planes fly, so called difficult airports and ‘noises’. There are 50 Top Tips to get you flying and some quick fixes for common fears. You’ll have access to our blog and Forum LogBook 24/7 where you’ll be able to chat with other fearful flyers and share strategies. There’s an interesting Photo Gallery where you’ll see explanations of those everyday things that cause  fearful flyers extra anxiety. There are some videos to guide support and encourage you. 

If you decide to upgrade your membership you’ll be credited with your Economy Membership cost.

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Sign up here

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