Here is some information about the fear of flying course you have booked.

The first thing we want you to know is that you’ll enjoy the day and we’ll do our very best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed for the whole day. We will not spring any surprises on you and we certainly won’t make you feel any worse than you do now. Indeed we’ll make you feel a whole lot better...if you don’t leave us smiling then you’ll be an exception to most ’passengers’.

The purpose of the course is to help you to find a strategy for dealing with your fear of flying and so the course is designed around your needs.

The day belongs to you so we’ll do the things that are important to you and we will also cover the things that are a cause of worry to most fearful flyers. We’ll show you some simple breathing, relaxation, visualisation and thought stopping exercises that will help you to address your fears. We will dissuade you from ‘hoping’ and ‘wishing’ and encourage you to be realistic in your thinking.

We start the day by meeting in the Café and chatting about things in general then move to the plane where we start with a question and answer session. When, and only when we’ve answered all your questions we’ll ‘start the engines’ and take you through a flight. This normally encourages more questions, which we’ll answer and explain more fully as appropriate. We have videos and sound tracks to familiarise you with what happens on a plane, but most importantly we can let you experience the things that you worry about as many times as you like until you get used to them.

Making things as ‘normal’ as possible is part of building your strategy. During the ‘flight’ we’ll talk about the things that you want to know about so that you’ll leave with all your questions answered. We’ll also show you how to answer your own questions too … perhaps not as well as I could answer them, but sufficiently well for you to re-assure yourself about the things that worry you.

We’ll have a coffee break during the morning and then stop for lunch at about 1.30pm. We’ll have another break in the afternoon but this won’t be wasted time … we’ll carry on with questions, answers and explanations. Please bring along a supporter if you wish there is no charge other than £15 to cover the cost refreshments and lunch. Can you let me know if you are bringing a supporter

Please call me if there is anything you want to know about. 01420 588 628 VENUE GU34 4BH

We shall plan to start at about 09:30 am. and finish at 16:30 though we are happy to stay as long as you like. We want you to leave only when you feel ready.
The plane is located at the Hillside Nursery which is on the A339 (Alton to Basingstoke Road) approximately one mile out of Alton. HILLSIDE GARDEN CENTRE GU34 4BH


If you arriving from the Alton, direction the entrance, (ON THE LEFT) is somewhat concealed. There are signposts showing that you are approaching the venue. The entrance is unmistakable with its large number of signs! The plane is not visible as you enter the car park but as soon as you turn the corner to the Departure Lounge Café you will see it … ready and waiting for you. Just in case you’re worried that we might take you flying I’ll reassure you by confirming that it doesn’t have wings or engines, so it won’t fly.

If you are approaching from the Basingstoke direction your passenger will probably see the plane three hundred metres or so before you get to the entrance.
The plane first flew in the 1960’s and was decommissioned about 8 years ago. We use the part of the plane that was forward of the wings.

If you are held up in traffic or get lost please do not rush, better that you arrive safely than not at all. We are happy to repeat whatever you may have missed.

Contact Telephone numbers are
Captain Keith Mob 07935 172 646  Home 01420 588 628

Departure Lounge Café 01420 80111


Captain Keith has been involved in aviation for more than 51 years. He was a training pilot with British Airways until his retirement in 1997. He has flown more than 70 different aircraft types. With BA he flew the Viscount, Tri-Star and Boeing 757 and 767. He is currently a consultant trainer with CTC, a worldwide training school providing pilots for airlines throughout the world. He is involved in the training of instructors.

Vivienne, is responsible for all the behind the scenes stuff and was a traffic dispatcher for KLM Uk at Southampton airport for more than 10 years.

The course starts with a chat over coffee (or tea) where we like to get to know you and your worries and where you can meet the other fearful flyers. It may help you to be prepared before you come so that you can think about yourself as a fearful flyer and what you‘d like to achieve during the day.

However, you may wish to come and start the day without thinking about it at all…that’s fine and if that is how you feel, please do not feel obliged to do anything right now. This is your day and we want you to enjoy it and do what YOU want to do in the way that YOU want to do it. We are here to help you, not make demands on you!

Although we have a basic structure to the day, our main objective is to address the things that are important to you. I will organise the day so that by the time you leave, you will have had all your concerns addressed. Rather than stick rigidly to a set structure we deal with what you need to know about. At the end of the course, we will help you to devise a strategy to help you, to go flying.

Your ‘Party Bag’ when you leave will contain all the products from our shop.

We also encourage you, if you are not already a member, to join our on line fear of flying community LOGBOOK 24/7

And to read our blog at

What we do;

  • Meet and greet, chat about the day, your feelings and experiences.
  • Board the aircraft.
  • Answer your most pressing questions
  • Explain anything you don’t understand
  • Answer  your questions.
  • Support motivate and guide you.
  • Devise individual Strategies to help you

The  recommendations of the World Fear of Flying Conference in Montreal 2007 were that courses should be: 

  • Held in a supportive environment.
  • In an environment which raises levels of anxiety
  • Conducted by an expert (s)
  • Be based on a recognised psychological process.
  • Is conducted in a small group of like-minded people.
  • Exposes the attendees to their fears and anxieties.
  • Provides support after the course

We are the only course in the UK  who meets all of those requirements.

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