The important feature of our course is that we adapt everything to meet your needs. We do have a rough time table but we adjust it according to what the group wants. fear of Flying picture We start with a breakfast drink and a long chat. We’ll spend an hour or more, hearing about your feelings and experiences. This structures the day. If turbulence is not of concern to anyone then we won’t waste time talking about it. However, turbulence is one of the most common fears so it would be an unusual day if it were not on the agenda! When people tell us about their fears we get a picture of what needs to be on the ‘agenda’ We listen carefully to the way their experiences are described, often a casually made remark may well reveal the issues that need addressing. This sounds very formal, but it’s not, it’s a fun day that will get you flying. Another thing that we note are the words used in describing experiences because these often signify the importance of particular subjects. It’s hard not to make this sound like being in the psychiatrists chair but it really is nothing like that … it’s just an informal get together and chat before we get on board the plane.
28th March I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m here!!!!!!! there was few teething problems and they sent me in to meet the captain who told me the route we were taking and to watch out for the first two right hand turns!!! I can’t express how proud of myself I am and I can’t thank KIETH AND VIVIEN enough!!!!! And of course the st trinians ladies!!!! A few months ago I would not have even attempted to get on a plane!!!!!! I am amazed with myself and how far I’ve come THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH, I will need updates from all of you with your flights I very nearly cried with joy when I walked out the airport in Edinburgh. Here is a photo of my finally smiling on the plane THANK YOU ALL AND THANKS KIETH AND VIVIEN I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU ALL xxxx If I can do it anyone can, I think as soon as I have flown home to Spain will be amazing!!!! Somewhere on this email is a photo!!!! Thank you for all your supportive emails xxx
Once on board, and we make it feel as real as possible, we do a safety briefing and I ask the passengers if, when they are on a flight, they listen to the safety briefing or not … this always generates a lively discussion, which is both worth while and productive. It’s vital to get your main worry out of the way so if there are questions you are desperate to have answered then we’ll do that before doing anything else. We deal with the most important issues immediately. We want you to feel that your needs are going to be met … often we’ll discuss the subjects later in the day as well.
We invite anyone to tell us about their fear … and off we go. By the time we have our first coffee break we’ve settled into a confident group where everyone speaks frankly and openly about their fears. Big Brand Airlines cannot develop the atmosphere and offer the personal attention that we can offer. It’s important that you feel confident in the environment and then you’ll find a lasting strategy to deal with your fears. We create a safe, secure and friendly environment in which you’ll regain confidence in yourself and flying.
Lunch time! More chat then back on board. At the right time you’ll see videos designed to help you. For example, if you’re anxious about take off you can watch the videos for as long as it takes to normalise it. (You’ll get a free copy of all the videos that we use on the course, along with our Books, the CD Set, the Audio course, our In Flight Guide and our Course Booklet)
In the afternoon we’ll answer your questions and explain the things you want to know about. I won’t explain how we end the day because it needs to remain confidential or it will lose its impact. But it is an important part of addressing your fear, not just for your next flight but for building a lasting strategy that will help you to continue building your confidence, find a trust in the people responsible for your safety and to normalise flying. We guarantee that you’ll leave smiling, feeling good and ready to fly soon. The next course is on July 21st BOOK HERE
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