“It’s such a relief to feel free of the burden of my fear of flying”

Hi Keith. I have recommended your course to everyone I can! I am so amazed and excited by the change in my attitude towards flying. Thanks to one day spent with you, on the course, I can truthfully say that I am no longer afraid of flying! So after years of terror-filled flying and having […]


I’m nearly over my fear of flying!

From the Social network: “I used only the information on this website and the videos, and they helped spectacularly. I was actually terrified when I began watching the videos ( on the Social Network Site), but repeated exposure made the plane environment feel familiar and not at all threatening. The information about how a plane […]


Scared of flying…not

Hi Captain Keith! Thanks for your email! Yes, the course downloaded successfully, thanks for asking – I downloaded it the day before we went on holiday and put it onto my iPod so I could listen to it on the plane (I’ve read the first volume of Flying Without Fear so many times I can […]


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