After the Course

Answer to the question   How is it all going?   Fantastic thanks , did Spain this year and have already booked Turkey next year. I know you say it’s all down to me in the end, but without your dedication and logic it would never have happened. I would never hesitate to Recommend the […]


I flew for the first time in 25 years.

Dear Captain Keith, thank you so much both for the CD and your kind wishes. Today was my big day. I flew for the first time in 25 years. Your CD and other material helped prepare me for this. I was a little worried when the plane was climbing and descending, but I managed and […]


We did it!

Hi everyone… we are back from our second trip to Jersey! We did it. The only hiccup was my so called friends thought it was funny to make sick jokes about flying whilst I was sat in the airport. This is a crucial time for fearful flyers as there is still time to opt out […]


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