I am rather proud of myself

Hi Captain Keith ! Hope you are well! I am rather proud of myself i took another return flight from Belfast to Standsted with easyjet on Tuesday i was only in London for the day so i think it was good that i had to take 2 flights in the same day – good experience […]


“…certainly opened my world up.”

Hi Keith – Just was touching base after a period of time, as I find myself a bit apprehensive about flying to JFK from LHR on Thursday,  A and I are flying back to the States to share Thanksgiving with my family in New York. I also like to touch back for reinforcement – and […]


Success and a honeymoon to look forward to

LJ W A huge thank you to Keith for today’s course! It was fantastic. Informative and supportive…exactly what was needed to enable me to go on my honeymoon. I would recommend it to any fearful flyer and their supporter. A*!


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