It’s hard to quantify or measure success…the fear of flying faced by the people who come to and our 24/7 social network is probably greater than the fear suffered by most fearful flyers, after all we meet many people who have been on other courses but did not found a way to address their fears. It’s always heartening to receive emails like the one reproduced here. Our plan is to provide help and support and the sort of help that is based on sound principles not on the razamataz of show business and popular culture. We offer more help for a fear of flying than any website in the world.  Thank you for being a customer. Keith
Doing so well these days. I’ve made a real effort to inform myself about all the noises etc. The big breakthrough though has been in preparing by listening to my relaxation tapes. I install myself in the back row and get ‘in the zone’. Last flight I also had lovely cabin crew from Aer Lingus who mapped out the route and then brought me tea and a chocolate bar when I wasn’t even remotely scared. I think he felt sorry for me because I was on the way back from our school trip with a group of teenage girls! Must stop milking it now… Thanks so much for being a big help. I have two trips to take in the next fortnight and I’m not even a bit concerned. This is huge! J.   Belfast N.I.

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