Dear Keith I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know that I am home in one piece!! I did find the outbound flight a little stressful, but mainly because there was quite a big delay….I did find myself thinking the worst (i.e. problems with the plane etc) but when we eventually boarded the pilot apologised and said that the delay was caused by the previous flight being held up by a missing passenger – so no major drama!! After take off I did manage to settle and I actually listened to some music! On the way home my anxiety was far less and I managed to sleep and watch a couple of films. There was some turbulence but i was not unduly troubled by this, in fact both flights were pretty boring, save for a lady having a fit on the way to Dubai (a passenger lying in the aisle and the cabin crew plugging in a defibrillator at my laptop plug made me a little uncomfortable!!) and a bit of movement on landing at Heathrow (it was pretty windy!!) although none of this really phased me! I feel really pleased with myself – it was by far the calmest I have ever been on the flight and I am convinced that attending your course, and speaking with you on the way to the airport, have really helped me. I now understand that this whole thing is routine, and planned and not left to chance….this was reinforced by the pilot on the return journey who told us that the flight path would be a little different than the usual route to avoid bad weather….I don’t know what the usual route is but I found it comforting to note that they had planned things!! Anyway, I just really wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I can’t say that I am cured and i expect that I will be in touch again but, for now, I feel very brave and I am looking forward to my next holiday!! I had such an amazing time in Dubai and I am looking forward to my next destination! Kind regards, S

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