Hi Keith
I personally would like to thank you for your Fear of Flying Book.
My husband has been terrified of flying for years and after the 9/11 tragedy I thought that getting him back flying would be impossible. He was even travelling to the Canaries for our holidays by boat , taking 4 days instead of 4 hours.
However I sent for your book and it is now his bible. Both our sons and grandson live in America so you can see how important it is for our family.I have travelled there on my own on numerous occasions. Don’t get me wrong he still gets very anxious and cannot eat or drink from getting up at home to landing at our destination and the recent reminders in the news of the terrorist bombers etc doesn’t help especially as we are on our way to America over the next few days but he will be able to cope and it is all down to your book. It goes with him every time he fly’s.
Many Thanks

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