Dear Captain Keith Since I attended the ground course with you on 20th August, I have been practising relaxation techniques and reading all the literature you provided. I also experienced at least 50 “take offs” with your DVD all of which helped greatly on my first flight since then. Last week we went to Spain for a week and the night before the departure flight my anxiety rose but I managed to keep it in check. Previously I had fought this anxiety but remembering what you had said, I accepted it and dealt with it quite successfully. After we had reached cruising height and I was plugged into my iPod, the rest of the flight was a complete doddle! I don’t think I thought about the return flight at all during our holiday, until the night before departure. The relaxing and breathing techniques helped me to sleep a little. Once I was up and preparing to leave for the airport, all those fears were gone and the flight home was completely worry free.   I expect this email is one of hundreds you receive in thanking you very much for the help and guidance you have given to manage and maybe overcome a fear of flying. I am hoping to go flying again in the not too distant future with my confidence greatly improved. With many many thanks to you and Viv for all your assistance and understanding. Best wishes JR

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