The sooner you do the course the sooner you'll be relaxing

My previous blog was about the reluctance of anxious flyers to book for a course. Perhaps they think the cure will be worse than the problem. However it did set me thinking about courses in general and meeting the needs of people who are anxious about flying. Of course for many people the journey to Hampshire may be too long to contemplate before and after a course.  I have decided that perhaps having a shorter course available may be more useful to some anxious flyers who visit this site and blog. Right now it’s still in the first stages of preparation  but it’s likely that it  will be more along the lines of  presentations rather than the very interactive course that we have now. We shall still run the day course and it’s possible that people may want to try this ‘taster’ before committing to a longer and more comprehensive course. Another point that has arisen is taking groups from the courses on to the simulator as a consolidation course. I’m open to your suggestions. Keith

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