Dear Keith,
I am writing to THANK YOU for what you have done for me, even though you have never met me.
I bought your book ‘Fly without Fear’ back in March of this year, as I was travelling to A. in April, to meet my future in laws for the first time and needed something to ease my worries on the flight.
Your book was SO GOOD and so HELPFUL I would recommend it to anyone that has the fear. I had it with me at all times during the flight and whenever I felt a bit nervous I just got the book out and started reading and it made it so much better.
I know that you used to work for British Airways and that is who we went with and I have got to tell you that they were excellent. Nothing was to much trouble for them and they kept asking me if I was OK and re-assured me if I looked a bit scared. I will write to Willie Walsh as well and tell him, as they dont get enough thanks.
I will never really like flying like some other people, but I know now that they are safe and that you get to where you are going and I cant wait to go to the States again soon.
Thank you so much Keith, as you say in your book, its only the person that can get on the plane, but with your book in hand its so much easier to do.
Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart and so do all my family and friends. I will tell everyone that is scared, about your book and will never get tired of telling them and of course it will always be with me every time I fly.
Once again thanks and HAPPY FLYING lol…
Yours sincerely
Dl S.

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