Hi Captain Keith My name is Joseph I am maltese so been flying for quite a few years once I had a bad flght and since then thats when my fear of flying started. I even started Driving to malta, how silly is that? It take 3 hours by plane, 5 days by car, In the 80s I went to a fear of flying course at london heathrow there were 300 people, and 7 pilots ansewring all the questions it did not work for me, then my family bought me a present to go in a simulatior, for an hour I was in conrol of a b 737, that did not work either I still have fear of flying, Then my wife bought me a present for christmas a fear of flying course with Captain keith, it was January last year and it was wet and cold there should have been 12 people but they did not turn up, So i thought the course would be called off, But no CAPTAIN KEITH said shall we start, how fantastic was that, I had him all to my self, I asked hin question after question and he build my CONFIDENCE  UP I was so happy I wanted to fly that day then to put the icing on the cake he offer me the next lesson free. Since that day I have flown a ROBIN 200 and I HAVE GONE FOR A LONG HAUL, FLIGHT TO THAILAND, For the first time, and all that is down to CAPTAIN KEITH, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EFFORT JOSEPH FARRUGIA

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