Hi Keith. I have recommended your course to everyone I can! I am so amazed and excited by the change in my attitude towards flying. Thanks to one day spent with you, on the course, I can truthfully say that I am no longer afraid of flying! So after years of terror-filled flying and having to take 4 valium tablets to even get myself onto a plane, when I flew to Italy last week I found myself actually relaxing and even enjoying the landing!!! Wow! My husband was amazed and impressed – as was I!! I really can’t thank you – and your course – enough! It’s such a relief to feel free of the burden of my fear of flying :) You may remember that I attended your course with my daughter A. She is quite serious about wanting to learn to fly, and is now saving up for flying lessons at Lasham! So, I can confirm what I suspected by the end of the day with you: my fear of flying really has reduced from terror (9/10) to being slightly anxious during actual take off, but calm and rational apart from that (2/10)!!!! Thank you. Kind regards Helen

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