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Fear of flying and the media

A guide to the media for fearful flyers

If you are anxious about flying it is important to avoid situations that will make you more anxious and worried than you are already. There is a substantial body of evidence that shows that anyone with a fear of flying will have that fear made worse by looking at media reports of anything to do with aviation and air travel but in particular - air crashes, incidents, potential disasters  and so on.

First remember that the press have a job to do ... they keep us informed, they have to sell papers and they have to entertain us. They cannot be experts in everything they write about so cut them some slack, understand their motives and then ignore what they say about planes and flying.

Here is good advice about the media

  • Don't read press or media reports.
  • Avoid Air Crash Investigator type programmes.
  • Try hard to ignore the media.

Here are some words which the media use but which are not used in aviation circles

  • Plummet.
  • Air pockets.
  • Near miss.
  • Aborted landing.
  • Point of no return.
  • Dangerous airports.
  • Fell out of the sky.
  • Fell thousands of feet.
  • Narrowly missed, or escaped.
  • Screamed.
  • Wrestled with the controls.
  • Hit, as in a thunderstorm or turbulence.
  • Plunged.

If you want me explain the truth behind anything you see in the media please ask me and I shall do my best to discover the truth and explain it to you. I'm here to clarify and explain the things that worry you.

Discover the facts about flying for fearful flyers.

Captain Keith