US $39.99 Telephone Help
If you’re anxious about flying and you can’t find anything to help you to understand it why not give Captain Keith a call? Or maybe you’ve read all the stuff you wanted to read or you’ve been on a course, but now you’re going to fly the next day and your anxiety is getting worse. Perhaps you’ve made it to the airport and it’s all too good to be true and you start getting nervous, that’s when being able to chat to Captain Keith will help you. Maybe you’re at the start of overcoming your fear of flying and you want to discuss a plan of action or the best thing to do in the way of information or courses … that’s when it would be a good time to talk to the Captain. Of course, if you have time it’s worth thinking about what you want to talk about before you call because we want you to get the maximum benefit from the call. Don’t worry though …if you’re a bit anxious to start with Captain Keith has enough experience to help you find the best way to explain your fears. And it’s unlikely any call that doesn’t help you will be counted!  
  • What makes you anxious
  • Why you are calling
  • What you would like to achieve
  • What your plans are about flying
  • What your history of flying has been
  • What you have done so far to address your fear
  • How you would like Captain Keith to help you
NOW AVAILABLE FOR JUST £29.99 However don’t be anxious, you’ll find the conversation with Captain Keith, informal, relaxing but most of all useful. Your one time fee will give you SIX calls. You may like to use them like this, or you may set the agenda yourself.You may prefer just to chat about your fear of flying and see where the conversation takes you. However you do it you’ll benefit from it, that’s a guarantee.
  • First chat about your fears in general and some starting strategies
  • Second chat to discuss your forthcoming flight and strategies
  • Third chat about preparation for your flight
  • Fourth chat about your flight strategy and confidence builders
  • Fifth chat at the airport
  • Sixth call, after flight thoughts and plans for the future

The calls are not duration limited.

Price: £29.99

US: £39.99


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