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BBC Airport Live programme.

Wow It’s not often I say anything good about the media and aviation but I watched tonight’s programme and found it superb. The interviewer’s questions were sensible and enquiring, the… Read more →

Terror in the Skies … with the mad professor

I watched the second episode of this Channel 4 programme last night. I took notes but I couldn’t write quickly enough … To build an article around the programme would… Read more →

Retired Pilots and the Airbus 350

I don’t know if other retired people miss what they do and yearn to go back to work. I retired 15 years ago and, after a great career never once… Read more →

Terror in the Skies

Lat month a member of the fear of flying community (Logbook24/7) wrote to me  about a forthcoming television programme. Another air disaster programme I thought but promised to watch and… Read more →

Hi Keith, this is a follow up from my Fear Of Flying course at Alton on Sunday 28 April 2013. My wife and I went to Kos on holiday on… Read more →

Airbus Engine Problem. Latest information.

The latest information on the Airbus engine problems on 24th May  has just been released. As I guessed and reported earlier there is a more to this incident than first… Read more →

Reality. The fear of flying.

I’ve been reading the views of two people this week, fortunately I’m familiar with their teachings and ideas otherwise I might reject one and accept the other without thinking about… Read more →

Message : Hi Keith, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful commitment to helping sufferers with a fear of flying. I had purchased the DVD from this… Read more →

Airbus Engine Problem and Pakistan airlines diversion

May 24th 2013 I am trying to gather information on the incident involving a British Airways Airbus 319 which returned to Heathrow shortly after taking off. Most of the ‘information’… Read more →

Another airline flies the 787

United Airlines resumed revenue flights on its fleet of Boeing 787-8 aircraft today, a little more than a month since the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cleared the type to… Read more →