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I have no words to express my heartfelt thanks to you. Cheers!

Greetings Captain Keith, I would just like to express my heartfelt thanks to your dedication in helping people to enjoy flights. I am not a frequent flyer, but your constant… Read more →

I viewed flying as the most dangerous way to travel that you were lucky to survive.

I viewed flying as the most dangerous way to travel that you were lucky to survive. After reading this site, I flipped my thinking to flying is the safest way… Read more →

Accident at San Francisco. Ignore speculative comments

I’m sure that by now you will have heard about the accident  to the Asiana Airways Boeing 777. I receive newsletters from a number of aviation sources but the one… Read more →

“this book could change peoples’ lives forever! “

Dear Captain Keith,   I have recommended your book to just about everyone I know. Prior to reading this book, I would absolutely dread getting on a plane. I would… Read more →

The mad professor. Terror in the skies.

… seems to have run out of death threatening situations though he did make the best of weak material. but of course the highlights of the show were the opinions… Read more →

British Airways

I’m always pleased to publicise the company that pays my pension …  I’ve just noticed that on most routes they now have a policy of allowing passengers to use their… Read more →

More garbage from the mad professor

You’ve all heard my rantings about the media so I thought I’d tune in to Terror in the Skies and just watch it like a normal person. How can anyone… Read more →

A good captain …

Hi Captain Keith, Thought I should share a really good experience my daughter has just had on EasyJet. She’s not a particularly happy flyer so she was a bit alarmed… Read more →

More media compliments!

I regret not having watched the other programmes about Heathrow Airport that BBC have broadcast this week. Tonight’s show  told me about things I’d never realised … and once again… Read more →

BBC Airport Live programme.

Wow It’s not often I say anything good about the media and aviation but I watched tonight’s programme and found it superb. The interviewer’s questions were sensible and enquiring, the… Read more →